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Officials say Shiite rebels seize Yemen’s third largest city and its airport

Officials say Shiite rebels seize Yemen’s third largest city and its airport | Fox News

APTOPIX Mideast Yemen-1.jpgMembers of a militia group loyal to Yemen’s President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, known as the Popular Committees, chew qat, Yemen’s favorite drug, as they sit next to their tank, guarding a major intersection in Aden, Yemen, Saturday, March 21, 2015. Yemen’s Shiite rebels issued a call to arms Saturday to battle forces loyal to the embattled President Hadi, as U.S. troops evacuated a southern air base over al-Qaida militants seizing a nearby city, authorities said. (AP Photo/Hamza Hendawi) (The Associated Press)

ADEN, Yemen – Yemeni security and military officials say Shiite rebels backed by supporters of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh have taken over the country’s third largest city of Taiz and its airport.

The seizure on Sunday comes a day after the rebels, known as Houthis, called for a general mobilization against forces loyal to the embattled current president, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. Hadi had just given a defiant speech challenging the Houthis, his first public address since fleeing the capital and establishing a base in the southern city of Aden last month.



Brig. Gen. Hamoud al-Harathi, commander of special forces units based in Taiz, rejected Hadi’s legitimacy as president. Meanwhile, thousands demonstrated in Taiz against both the Houthis and Saleh.

Bobby Jindal’s plan to ditch Common Core would take Louisiana backward: Editorial

It’s hard to tell whether Gov. Bobby Jindal really thinks he has a shot at derailing Common Core academic standards in Louisiana —¬†or if he just wants to look like he’s doing something. The governor wanted legislators last year to ditch the higher academic standards adopted by most states since 2010. They didn’t.

He then pressured the state Board of Elementary Secondary Education and schools Superintendent John White to get rid of Common Core and the new test tied to the standards. They wouldn’t.

Now he is back to the Legislature.

The governor announced Wednesday that he will back three bills that would banish Common Core State Standards from Louisiana. His plan is for the state to start over and come up with standards for use only here. Meanwhile, schools would go back to the state’s 2004-2005 standards and give students the LEAP and iLEAP tests.

House Speaker Chuck Kleckley, a Lake Charles Republican, was unimpressed with that idea. “I would find it very difficult to support anything that would have us go back,” he said. No legislator should.

Not only does Gov. Jindal want to move backward, he signaled Wednesday that he wants to cut the House and Senate Education Committees out of the loop on his legislation.

Both education committees killed anti-Common Core legislation last year, so it is no wonder he wants to skip them. But, the thing is, these committees are where legislation dealing with education belongs.

These are the lawmakers who are charged with vetting those issues and who know the most about them.

Sen. Conrad Appel, a Metairie Republican who supports Common Core, doesn’t believe lawmakers will let the governor kill the standards — even if the education committees are bypassed. “We can deal with it on the floor. I don’t care,” said Sen. Appel, who is chairman of the Senate education committee.

Sen. Appel surely doesn’t want his committee’s authority to be usurped. But he is confident in the strength of his position.

The fact that Gov. Jindal wants to circumvent the education committees shows that he isn’t. If the bills he is backing are such a good idea, why couldn’t he persuade committee members to vote for them?

That’s the thing. The governor can’t argue the merits of his position.

He continued Wednesday to claim that Common Core standards are a plot by the federal government to take over Louisiana schools. They aren’t, and he knows it.

The push to come up with standards and testing that could be applied to students in different states came from the National Governors Association. The group was concerned that students weren’t learning what they needed to know to handle higher education or jobs successfully.

Gov. Jindal was all for that in 2010, when he agreed for Louisiana to participate. But as opposition among national conservative groups grew in the past year or two, he reversed himself.

Despite his efforts to derail Common Core, though, tens of thousands of Louisiana students are taking the new PARCC test this week. A small fraction of parents statewide held their children out of the testing.

BESE has delayed any consequences from the new test until after the 2016 school year. The board also moved up the evaluation of the new standards to this year instead of next. Those are reasonable steps to ensure that everything is on track.

The most unfortunate thing about Gov. Jindal’s political posturing is that he is ignoring the hard work Louisiana teachers and school leaders put into developing Common Core and the PARCC test. It wasn’t the federal government that came up with test questions and classwork for students.

BESE President Chas Roemer lambasted the governor’s latest move. “It is so clear that he is only concerned about one thing, and that is his own politics,” Mr. Roemer said. “This plan literally takes us back in time.”

Yes, and legislators shouldn’t fall for that.

Considerations in opening an adult day center; some do’s and don’t’s in getting involved with this option.

All of this argues in support of establishing one’s personal transportation service, as opposed to contracting out and having limited assurance associated with drivers’ qualifications. Regarding ultimate concern, however, is that drivers have a Commercial Drivers License, train throughout CPR, end up being personable with the elderly and, preferably, have some knowledge of the actual elderly’s physical needs. Convincing their particular loved anyone to show up at per day plan can be a hard occupation for the caregiver. Locating your day center in a nursing residence could ensure it is harder to promote the actual service. to be able to 6 p.m. while not required by everyone, their own availability can make the difference inside whether or not caregivers tend to be capable of still take treatment of their family members from home. the elements of a higher quality plan include: a) any staff along with sound activity-based training (the National Institute regarding Adult Day care has developed a training curriculum for this); b) an activity routine in which offers selection so they cover the particular complete day, along with activities geared to individual interests and amounts associated with functioning; c) the supportive environment which takes into consideration physical and also cognitive deficits; and also d) a program philosophy which delivers substitute for each members and also caregivers.

For more information in day middle management in order to request the actual Program’s free quarterly newsletter, Respite Report, make contact with Partners throughout Caregiving, Bowman Gray Institution associated with Medicine involving Wake Forest University, Psychiatry Department, medical center Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27157-1087; (910) 716-4941.. Maintaining the center complete can be the major element to always be able to financial self-sufficiency. Renovation expenses aside, concerning $200,000 for you to $250,000 is actually optimal for start-up. Bathing and also grooming services are incredibly popular. Respite Seekers want a rest via caregiving however want simply restricted amounts of respite. Dementia-specific web sites need much more staffing, however this seems to become the area of greatest rise in adult day centers. Your very best marketing strategy can end up being a higher high quality program. “Scholarships” associated with this kind may be around from, pertaining to example, your United Way, local Alzheimer Association chapters or another neighborhood agencies.

5. Reimbursement varies, yet caregivers are willing to pay out-of-pocket with regard to services. Participant transportation is essential. This specific is, as noted, expensive, nevertheless it is effective to supply this services as a new possible choice along with charge an additional quantity regarding it.

4. However, we found out that with a appropriately designed, high-quality service, there is actually a private spend marketplace ready to buy services at the total expense regarding care.

8. they are your best service hyperlinks between treatment at home as well as nursing house care. Whilst this plan centered just upon dementia care centers, most of your lessons learned from your implementation regarding this project thus far tend to be applicable to all as well as any adult day programs, such as individuals for residents that are post-stroke, who are developmentally disabled, who’ve AIDS, as well as who are in generally frail condition.

Encouraged through the good results of the Dementia Treatment along with Respite Solutions Program, along with so as for you to extend the lessons discovered with other day centers, the foundation provides now funded a 50-site replication program called Partners within Caregiving: the actual Dementia services Program.

Day centers represent a natural product extension with regard to nursing homes as well as other long-term treatment facilities. Even though ideally it would always be best to find your day center off-campus, you will find examples involving successful centers positioned in nursing homes.

The best strategy with regard to monetary viability is usually to pursue a assortment of reimbursement sources. However, this really is an individual reaction, and not all regarding us have these feelings. NIAD standards furthermore address this issue.

6. We discovered that day centers require with regards to 30 folks each day paying $30 each day in order to destroy even, exclusive involving transportation costs. Whenever in comparison along using other long-term care options, using a day center is more perform regarding caregivers, particularly if they must transport his or her household for the center. some states call for certification or perhaps licensing, others do not. successful services style and marketing are generally critical for you to trying for you to keep the typical day-to-day census up. program hrs should meet the requirements associated with working caregivers. Annual operating budgets inside the Dementia care as well as Respite Solutions program averaged with regards to $200,000 regarding applications serving normally 19 for you to 20 folks for each day.’s+and+don’t’s…-a014915737

Centers that will serve Treatment Seekers might also serve Respite Seekers, but the reverse just isn’t always true. later they will most likely use your services, so it is important to remain in connection with them. Rona Smyth Henry, MBA, MPH is Associate Director associated with Partners throughout Caregiving: The Actual Dementia services Program, based in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, Bowman Gray Institution involving Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC.

Copyright 1993, Gale Group. State regulations and also the population a person serve dictate staff qualifications needed. Generally, locating the day middle in a nursing home can make the elderly individual reluctant that will he/she is being placed in the nursing house prematurely. They Will are curious about more time hrs regarding service; weekend, evening along with overnight respite; along with ancillary solutions for example transportation, bathing, grooming, rehabilitation therapies along with escorts in order to doctor appointments.

9. We recommend hrs that are comparable to kid day care centers, e.g., 6 a.m. Medicaid reimbursement for day services can be for sale in some states, but not all, as are usually funds from Title III with the Older Americans Act. who a person serve is truly a difference. Adult day centers have the best potential for economic viability if they’re open for a new specified duration for you to serve many working caregivers. (This rule associated with thumb will end up being different depending on the population you serve, your current program eporner tube design, as well as your labor and other costs). These types of various segments possess different motivations and wish various services. the National Council around the Aging’s National Institute in Adult Daycare (NIAD), inside Washington, D.C., has developed a book referred for you to as Standards as well as Guidelines for Adult Day Care. How impaired your current plan individuals are, either literally as well as mentally, will provide an impact about the number of eporner tube people you’ll become in a new position to attract for your program, your range along with kinds associated with staff you may need, along with your home requirements.

The typical immediate care staffing ratios differ from 1:6 to become able to 1:4, depending on the population anyone serve. Gale group is really a Thomson Corporation Company.

3. That They may decide to know, for example, regarding various other assistance services accessible like residence health care and also local Alzheimer Association resources. In Order To increase every day census, you have to industry to caregivers. Start-up time is just about all about two to three years. Inside the times of managed care, when vertical integration can become a crucial strategy for survival, nursing homes would excel to add day center services to their continuum involving care.

2. This specific book establishes ideals with regard to which day centers can strive.

7. Government laws vary by state. Almost All rights reserved. This includes grant dollars, which usually may subsidize the proper treatment of those who’re unable to spend the cash for total price yet that obtain simply no government assistance. However, working caregivers in addition tend to be more interested in services in weekends as well as short-term overnight care.

One alternative ready in order to accept nursing house operators trying to expand their own long-term care solutions will always be the establishment of a grown-up day center. care Seekers require or perhaps want a more total solution to their own caregiving problem. Really often day centers that may serve simply Respite Seekers have got limited hrs involving support as well as do certainly not offer transportation or perhaps extra services, thus limiting their particular appeal for you to a smaller market segment.

COPYRIGHT 1993 Medquest Communications, LLC

No part informed can be reproduced without the particular express published permission from the copyright holder.

11. They Will therefore call for distinct advertising strategies.

Information Seekers tend to be new towards the caregiving role and often want info and not services. Whilst not everyone will be needing the transportation service, a significant number will not become capable of go to the actual plan with out it. while expensive — and a management headache — providing transportation is required for any financially viable program. While noted, nearly all residents are prepared to pay complete price with regard to high quality services. Within its Dementia care and also Respite Solutions Program, the actual Robert Wood Johnson Groundwork sought in order to demonstrate in which adult day centers could serve people who have dementia and their families, and also achieve this inside a financially viable manner. (Again, these services are best offered as extra-charge options).

10. The idea can additionally be an excellent idea, for your sake of economic stability, to arrange the payment timetable with some amount charged upfront to minimize the actual impact regarding last-minute cancellations.

The subsequent tend to be a quantity of the lessons discovered that will now are considered through the replication web sites when opening or operating each day center, along with which can represent value to always be able to nursing homes thinking about opening their particular such facilities:

Space wants vary from 60 sq ft for each participant associated with multipurpose space (exclusive of kitchens, bathrooms, offices, hallways along with storage space) to become able to 100 sq ft — again, using dementia facilities requiring much more space.

1. working caregivers possess the the majority of possibility to spend your money for complete cost involving services. We discovered 3 caregiver industry segments: Details Seekers, Respite Seekers, and Treatment Seekers